Autocom headset help please


Hi all,

Can anybody give me some good tips for positioning the speakers. Ive just got a Shoei Hornet and the recess's are not where my ears are ! How can i put the helmet on and then find out where my ear canals are in relation to the inside of the helmet ? Ive tired poking a finger up beside each ear but its not very accurate. Ive only ever hard of trying talc on your ear and then seeing where the talc has left a mark when the helmet is taken off.

Has anybody got any other methods ?


are the

cheek pads removable? If so put the helmet on and position the speakers by hand to achive best volume. If this means the speakers need to be recessed in the pad remove the outer fabric and using the back of a hot spoon melt a space for the speaker to sit in then recover and bobs your dads brother.

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