Autocom/Ultimate Ear in a Shoei X-Spirit


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May 29, 2006
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I'm trying to get all the comms set up. I did a run to day with the Autocom loom in my X-spirit, and it's a bit tight around the ears but performanace was good. But then I plugged in my ultimate ears and rode for a 100miles and it felt like someone had squished my ears down and ironed them with a hot iron:eek:
Good news was it sounded great:D

Do people take the Autocom speakers out when using in-ear monitors, if so how?
Or is there a better way of fitting the speakers to the helmet, there's only a shallow recess for them to fit into?

Hi msgs1200

Let's start with the disclaimer... I am a Green Leopard agent and make custom earplugs.

Now let's start with the advice.

What you describe is a fairly common thing and there are several options open to you.

1) Make sure your earplugs are in properly - you'd be surprised how often this is the cause. When you put the plugs in you should really make sure that the bit at the top of the ear is tucked in neatly.

2) I know some people who have used a heated spoon to make an indentation in the polystyrene in the helmet for the Autocom speakers to fit further in. Obviously I don't recommend this for all sorts of legal and safety reasons.

3) The other option is to take the Autocom speakers out (but leave the microphone in) and replace them with some Monitors. These are custom earplugs with built in speakers. Autocom do a lead to accept these (about £25 last time I checked) and the monitors will vary in price. You'd have to ask Ultimate Ear about theirs.

These are the ones I do which are £110 posted or £55 to convert your existing custom earplugs (doesn't matter who made them originally)


These are the old design monitors - but it shows how the Autocom lead fits in.

Hope that helps :thumb
..........Do people take the Autocom speakers out when using in-ear monitors, if so how?
Or is there a better way of fitting the speakers to the helmet, there's only a shallow recess for them to fit into?......

If your Autocom speakers or UE monitors hurt you will have to make more room for them. Rather than melt or cut out polystyrene from my helmet, I used a blunt and round heavy piece of steel (extension bit from toolbox) to compress the area around my ears. This avoids having to open up the lining material and getting heaps from the missus for ruining a spoon and messing up the kitchen table. If it's part of the removable cheek lining thats causing the problem it can also be locally compressed with a few strategic stitches using button thread

To locate the offending areas dust your ear with talcum powder and carefully don your lid - the resulting white outline is your target

INHO in ear monitors are the way to go. Autocom will sell you part 1187 for about £25 (I have a brand new unused one available for £10 plus postage)

The better option is to have Autocom make up an in ear monitor headset for you - costs less than £30 - and comes without speakers and just a push fit microphone connector. There is a 3.5mm (or 2.5 if you specify) stereo plug that hangs just below the rim of your helmet. You have to use the mic from your original headset and try to remember to disconnect the monitor plug before removing helmet!

This setup works really well and you can have UE/GL or your friendly TV repair man shorten the delicate monitor cable to reduce the potential for tangles
Hi Kritou, Schianni, thanks.

I'll try re-positioning the Ultimate in-ear monitors and maybe see if Autocom will make me up a headset loom with no speakers. I've already got the Autocom part that the in-ear monitors plug into, I just need no speakers on the headset loom and then maybe my ears will feel less squashed.
Which intercom are you actually running so I can supply you the correct part number you will need to replace your headset?

I use an ACS DuoCom headset with my X-Spirit and the best solution by far is to use a custom Autocom headset loom with no speakers. As an aside, the X-Spirit is the lightest, most comfortable helmet I've ever used. It also proved to be the most difficult helmet I've owned to fit with a headset :rolleyes:
Using a Super Pro AVI with Ultimate Ear in-ear monitors. I have a part 1188 to plug the ear-phone jack into.

Looking at the brochure, an 1126 seems to fit the bill?

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