Finally took the plunge and bought one too. I was going to try the Graytronics one but couldn't miss the chance of the Autocom unit at the Cooper BMW price and because a large dealership in Exeter refused to even let me take a Graytronics one out of the box without buying it. At 220 quid i'm not about to accept such a poor level of 'service'. So i just bought the Autocom one instead.

So where does everyone else site their 'control' box on an 1150GS when it's bike powered. Initially i'll be using a PP3 battery anyway while i and the pillion get used to leads, connections etc. But i've looked under the bike and there isn't much space to stow the main box. Haven't taken the tank off to look, but as i'd like access to the box without too much hassle (ie connecting leads, fiddling with VOX setting, etc) i'd prefer it to be under the seat.

Having looked at the fusebox (i don't have ABS) there appears to be a fair bit of room such that if i moved the location of a couple of relays, then i'd have sufficient room and depth to be able to 'house' it inside the fusebox cover. It would mean cutting one of the dividers out in the fuse box and standing it vertically up in what had previously been two relay sections. The lower end of the box would then sit down into the 'void' underneath the fusebox (ie in the deadspace at the back of the mudguard). That way i could power it all up from within the same area and still get at it without too much aggrevation.

As for powering it up, i have a number (3+) of unused blade fuse positions on the fuse panel itself. Anyone know where i can readily get some appropriate connectors (and what type they are)that i could install into these spare slots to make a neat job of this or any other accessories i choose to add?

Expect i'll get replies telling me what an arse idea all the above is, but if there's better options then feel free to educate me with the options you've all used.


In the tank bag, is where I mounted my Autocom unit. I have powered the tank bag and installed the Autocom inside. I run the headset lead out of the bag at the zipper when in use and leave it in the bag when not in use.

I have used this same tankbag and Autocom on 3 different bikes with no issues. Just run a hot wire to the tankbag and you are set.
Put it in the space ahead of the battery, where the ABS pump would sit. Leave your leads connected - once you've adjusted the 'squelch' you don't need to access it again - mine's been there for the last year with no probs - It's dormant space which, in the GS, is at a premium....

usual place is on top of the airbox at the side of the multiplug. mount using self adhesive velcro so that it can be removed temporarily for filter access

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