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Apr 26, 2004
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North Wales
Well I have finally had my auxillery lights fitted by williams in manchester. Ok so some people have done it them selves, but I wasnt happy with doing it, so for time sakes I have them fitted.

Night riding with out them was not good. I fitted 50% brighter bulbs to the dip and main beam and helped some but these should now make the difference. I am hoping to try them later tonight having only just got the bike back from manchester via a major rain storm.. had my fogs on all the way.

The setup is
1 x Migsel made light bar
1 x Rob Farmers micro switch with LED (neatlet mounted under vdu dash in rubber mount by williams.. )
1 X Pair Hella FF75 Driving Lamps from Bigtrailbikerrider
1 X Pair Hella Micro DE Fogs sourced privately, but BTBR can get em.

The following photo sequence shows them fitted and in opreation in daylight. I sprayed the migsel bar black as its a dull metalic finish when it arrives. Used gamesworkshop matt black figure under coat.


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Dont know..

Dont know exactly how much as they were working on the fuel pump problem as well. However all in parts + service cost ( fitting lights and fixing my fuel pump/alarm problem) was £220 or there abouts.

And YES I do know it would have been cheaper to fit myself. I think they said it was 2 hours serice time to fit them.

Alan the technician had never fitted a set but knew of them and the switch and light bar and was great at explaining everything and sortted the fuel pump problem.. which i thought was going to ruin my love of the me is happy..

Just to clariffy above price was for all of the lamps, bar, switch plus fitting.

The wiring is done so that the FF75's come on with the main high beam.

The fog lights are controlled from a motorswitch via the indicator cancel button.

The whole set will only turn on when the main dip is on.. now with running lights.

The fogs go off with the ignition off and when ignition is turned on again, they are still off.. to stop them being left on by accident.

The switch for the fogs had a single green LED and this is mounted directly to the bottom of the VDU unit, directly under the main beam warning light on the dash in a neat little mount. Looks very neat and better than having another LED drilled into the dash.

Also means the entire setup can easily be removed if i change bike. but since yellow is best and its a low miler... I will be keeping her a while..

Will let you know how i get on at night and if they are any good.. will be a bit gutted if they arnt.. but them from the simple way the traffic got out of my way when i had the fogs on the motorway in the rain, makes me believe they work..

Just did 50 miles in the dark.. started is dusk and then came home at 12.00am..

WOW.. WOW..WOW.... amazing..

The micro DE fogs certainly enhance the dip beam. They dont throw light much further, but they certainly increase the intensity.. and the main beem. The FF75's + standard main are top.. i now have brilliant vision and illumination.

A long time to get sortted, but the setup is top. Really easy to use and great results.. glad i did now..
Nice setup :thumb And if you were charged 2 hours for mounting, your mechanic did a good job.

Feels good to see where you're going doesn't it? :)

Looks good - where can I buy a set the same?

"Alan" the technician...............

Alan the technician is actually called Lee - its his birthday today.

Altogether now - "Happy Birthday to Alan - sorry Lee"
Happy birthday Alan..umm Lee..

hehehe.. oops.. sorry Lee.. I am crap with names...

Happy birthday anyhow..

The setup works very well indeed.

If you want the same setup then you will need to PM Migsel to get a light bar, Rob Farmer for the switch though i think he may have stopped doing them. But you can get a similar unit i think from somewhere else,, Wunderlich i think.

The lamps are off the shelf Hella Lamps.. Bigtrailbikerider (alan ;) ) can get some. But Hella are crap with the Micro DE supplies and so expect a wait for them.. but there are other models available. But the DE's looks great and the beam pattern suppliments the dip perfectly.. I had them on all last night and never got any one flashing at me to moan..

I think Williams in manchester were really nice to me... and have to say were a great bunch and will certainly make the treck back into manchester for the service.. ( With an empty tank.. toptip).

The combo of the lights, BMW heated waistcoat, and heated grips made for a lovely night ride.. first time i have enjoyed riding at night. Apart from meeting a flock of sheep on a bend.. almost had tomorrow night tea sortted.. :D

If your planning to ride at night I seriously recommend extra lighting.
Would'nt you be better off posting a night time photo showing the new & improved spread of light compared to the stock lights?

That way, we can gain a better idea of how effective they are:)

As the signature says.. Reyno grill.. PM him.

I will try to get a night shot comparison..

Sorry forgot to take camera last night,.. was out on the roads after the airbikers club meet...
The lights are amazing.. well worth it..

Only problem is you kill a lot more moths.. seem to love the front of your bike as you whizz down the lanes..
Are you using the standard battery and alternator for your lights,if so have you had any problems.

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