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Oct 11, 2002
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Avebury just down the road from malbough...me and the mrs's ventured over today to see the stone's, and a beer in the Red Lion.

Now am i correct in that Avebury stones/rings are thousands of years old, situated on ley lines from stonehenge etc ?

They have mystical meanings/ effects ect ?

So y the feck is there a MAIN ROAD going through the middle ??????????

only in FCUk could this happen !

Bilks. (p.s the Red Lions expensive as well - tourist rates ?)
wasnt avebury rebuilt as a bit of a hobby and 'exhibition' village??

i think at the time they built the road through it wasnt considered as a major place....some brigadier or someone rebuilt it cos he was landed gentry and cos he could...made it into a model village and sold it to the NT......

I dunno, i'm talking off the top of my head but i'm sure there's some story like that behind it.......
Here you go.....


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Am I missing some thing? ;)

I can't see what the problem is really I think it's a nice road. :p

Maybe if they just moved the stones and built a rockery in one of the native's back gardens then the road could stay hmmmm just a thought. :rolleyes:

I hear they've sold the land to the National Trust that explains the road then. If it looks good and people are enjoying it lets mess it up. :mad:

:eek: Can't belive you went for a beer Bilk's.
I couldn't get your bike off the stand let alone ride it.

Don't drink and ride, I tried it once and nearly ditched it because I couldn't see over the bottle. :beer:

Nice phot by the way.

All the best m8

Uncle Stan
Sgt_ BILKO said:

So y the feck is there a MAIN ROAD going through the middle ??????????

I think you'll find the village (and road) were built long before the historical importance of the stones was appreciated (15th/16th Century). In fact many of the stones were used in the expansion of the village in later years (17th Century). In many cases, you can blame the church for the destruction of these pre-historic monuments, they were often destroyed simply because they were pagan symbols.

But it's certainly not something that's unique to Britain, historical monuments the world over have been robbed for building material over the centuries (and in some cases still goes on).
Sgt_ BILKO said:

So y the feck is there a MAIN ROAD going through the middle ??????????

I believe that Avebury was once utilised as a defensive position and that it's the remnants a Saxon army road that runs through the site.
My DAD once took an American freind there " Just a load of F....K...G rocks, John" he said.

John being my Dads name.

thats interesting, John being your dads name, i knew a John once, what a small world. Amazing.
My dad's name was John too, does this mean WE could be brothers,........................oh shit!!!

judge said:
My Dad's name is John too are you my brother? If so I will come down shortly and claim my inheritance :D

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