baglux tank cover for an 1150gs ADv


I've got an 1150GS Adv, its got the optional 30litre tank, does anyone in GS land have a baglux tank harness on one of these? is it ok? ( I'm familiar with the baglux concept having had one on my last 4 or 5 bikes ) but i was wondering if anyone had one on their 30litre tank? I've emailed baglux to see if they actually do such a thing and am awaiting some feedback.

Yes they do a harness for the 30 ltr tank, like yourself I've had them on other bikes and they have been great I had one on thestd tank and was not overly impressed. The plastic trasparent bits were always misted / wet and the front does not enclose the tank so road grim gets under it so I have swopped to a Geirke bag which straps on and has sige bags. That is not to say the baglux is no good on a GS but it is not upto the fitting on other bikes and has to removed to clean under it regularly.

yep and I have

ref no for the silver model is 1450 A. I cant get mine to fit properly, some here seem to have been able to, but I cant, it feels like wearing someone elses clothes. Sent fotos to bag lux and they said take some more. Apparently Im :GS:GS:GS:GSing ribbish at taking fotos as well. Dont know, I´ll give it a while longer and if it doesnt behave its goes. They didnt give me any instructions. SOmebody on the forum kindly sent me standard GS intsructions, they dont work though - not the same. If I were you, unless you live near north Wales and cn get Vinny to fit the thing, I would be pretty careful.

Hmm, thanks for the pics, I has similar fitting problems with an Aprilia Mille baglux, i found that bunging it in a bucket of hot water for 15 mins and then fitting it immediatley after sorted it out!.
Baglux Tank Cover/Bag

Hi Schnauzer,

I've got a black 03 GsAdv with 30ltr baglux/tank bag.

Wee bit of planning and patience when fitting, absolutely no problems. Done 4,500 miles since July 03 touring up far north, excellent piece of kit, had one on my old GS.

When fitting, keep it in the house prior to fitting, easier to fit on bike when warm/plyable (saves putting in bath/bucket etc - then having to put on diving gear etc for fitting?!!), lots of patience when locating straps, particularly at the front. Yes the plastic bits mist up just after you've washed it but it disappears. Take it off if you want, twice a year to clean - I just applied plenty of polish first to keep things tickety boo!

Looks great/does the business!!



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