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Not sure how Bath Rd Motorcycles in Bristol compare to others. They charged me £260 for my 6000 mile service, plus £15 for a loan bike.

What upset me slightly was the price they charged for the oil they used. £24.99 for £7.99 worth of oil.

I would be interested in anyone elses opinion on their servicing, and if there are any other decent places in and around Bristol to get a BMW serviced

Cheers for now

Toys said:
charged me £260 for my 6000 mile service, plus £15 for a loan bike.

I thought this thread was a spoof to begin with... £260 for a 6k service? Did they replace any major parts? I paid £110 for mine, with a free loan bike - (I can't believe any dealer has the neck to charge for one. Did they supply your bike?).

When I lived in Bristol, there was an excellent BMW mechanic who worked from home on the Wye Valley at Tintern, opposite a pub called the Moon & Sixpence. I'm afraid I don't have any details, but I know that some of the Traffic Cops from Avon Street used to take their R80RTs over there for him to fettle after the Police mechanics had serviced them! I'll ask a few of my mates in the Bristol area if there are any alternatives - believe me, at those prices, you need them!

Dealer near Bristol


I've just 'phoned my mate who lives near Bristol. The dealer in Tintern was called Dave Dickenson (no relation to the mahogany-coloured weirdo on Bargain Hunt...), but he thinks he's retired now.

He said that BVM Moto in Stroud, Gloucestershire, used to have a good reputation - Bath Road were notorious as the most expensive in the area (things obviously haven't changed!).

Hope this helps,

Ouch!!!! That's only £15 less than Sawbridgeworth charge for a 12K service!!!!

I've been quoted £250 for a 12,000 mile service from CW's in
dorchester very helpful especially in the warranty department.
Still trying to work out how they managed to charge £260 for a 6k service. The only part that should have been replaced was the oil filter. The engine takes 3.75 litres of oil, and there is no way you are going to get that for £7.99. Did they replace any tyres or brake pads, or any other non scheduled components?

I'm not at home, so cannot check the invoice.

I had my 12k service done at Bath Rd. Cost was about the £230 mark. There's a lot more in this than the 6k service

I had a free loan bike (horrible 1200C cruiser)

I bought the bike, 2nd hand, from them about 4 months earlier

Query the bill. Perhaps they got 2 invoices mixed up. Some lucky sod may have had a 12k for the price of a 6k.
wessie said:
I had my 12k service done at Bath Rd. Cost was about the £230 mark. There's a lot more in this than the 6k service

That agrees with my experience. My dealer, the same one who charged me £110 for a 6k service, charged me £230 for a 12k, this included doing some extra wiring work (about £30 worth).

Given Wessie's experience at your dealer, I'd follow his advice and challenge the bill. Regarding the oil, have you mis-read the invoice as 3 x £7.99 would be closer to the amount of oil you'd need?

Oops my mistake

Looking at the wrong invoice. The service was actually £190. However when I bought the bike off Wollaston BMW in Northampton they knocked off £130 as they had not given it the 6000 mile service and I wanted to take it straightaway. Bath Road still charged the £15 for the 650CS for the day though and I checked the price for the oil and they had added about a 100% or more markup

Obviously 130 quid in Northampton translates to 190 quid in Bristol. Ouch!!

Mike, I might give BVM a try as I want to get a decent service on my R80GS and I am somewhat dubious about paying through the nose again. Any other suggestions for good mechanics in or around Bristol gratefully recieved


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