battery charge

john lynch

i have a '94 gs that i dont use as much as i'd like to......hence the battery is going flat on me...... when this happens i slide the tank back and put the battery on charge for a few hours this has happened 3 times in the last month ...... there must be a better way........ this could be a silly question but is there a way of charging through the power point????? thanx!
get an Optimate and leave it connected all of the time

they do a lead that plugs into the accessory socket (at an additional charge) or you can hard wire the supplied leads to your battery as I did.

Hein Gericke stock them

If you want to adapt your existing charger to fit the accessory socket then I think that Hein Gericke sell the smaller BMW adapters that you could wire into your charger leads.

If you live in a rural area then John Deere tractor dealers sell adapters of the correct size apparently. I guess this may be a more practical option in Ireland!
These are the part numbers someone posted a while ago for the John Deer plugs/sockets

Male Plug RE11344
Female Socket MG82002966 or AL25073

Is it OK to connect it via the accessory socket? Does it do the same job? Mine is connected directly to the battery at the moment

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