Belstaff Celsius - Half term report


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Nov 24, 2003
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Like a few others on the board I bought a Belstaff Celsius suit from Busters when they were on offer earlier in the year.

Although I really like many of the features of the suit (protection, weight, colour way, adjustability) there are a couple of niggles.

The much vaunted "Sportwool" lining which is meant to preclude the need for a zip out liner is way too hot in the summer and only just warm enough now its gone a bit nippy.

The jacket was however 100% waterproof during a 500km ride from Dublin to Wolverhampton (via Nottingham, to get some bits for my scooter project - the only problem was some "osmosis" up the sleeves from my gloves, which were soaked.

The trousers were a differnt matter however. Felt fine for an hour or so but then a creeping dampness in the crotch area (yes, more than the usual...) become apparent and got progressively worse to the point that my, ahem, pants were pretty wet when i took the trousers off.

Anyone else have any similar experiences with this kit, and regarding the trousers what do you reckon - send em back to Busters? to Belstaff? or just hope it doesnt rain as much?

Sleeves are definately an issue especially when worn over the gloves, which you generally have to with this jacket as the sleeves are longish.

A few people have complained that the front vertical zip area is not 100% waterproof.

With regards to the winter temp you shouldn't be that cold yet surely, have you tried buttoning-up the elastic draft excluder at the waste.

I know it say's 100% waterproof but for comfort sake try a cheap 1 piece or 2 piece oversuite.
My jackets lovely, including the sleeve length!!! It's not as warm as my explorer from Belstaff, but at 150 notes it was well worth it!
Didn't get the troos as Belstaffs sizing doesn't suit. I did however, buy some very nice Tourance troos from mr MBW and they're very good too.
Diolch yn fawr PW...

Temp was 7 degrees c on the way in this morning and I was wearing jacket over plain workshirt, no other layers.
Temp was 7 degrees c


Didn't realise you lived in the tropics:D :D :D

P.S. You know more Welsh than I.


PW the uneducated
i use a celcius jacket and the performance has been good given the damp cold wet climate in scotland - ps busters are doing a deal on jacket & pants for £225.00 at the moment
I have now reached breaking point regarding this kit and e mailed Belstaff (Phoenix distribution) about returning the suit.

They advised return to Busters which I will do.

I am I expecting too much for waterproof kit to keep water out?
Re: Celcius

PW Cymru said:
With regards to the winter temp you shouldn't be that cold yet surely, have you tried buttoning-up the elastic draft excluder at the waste.

and this from the man who wears a heated waistcoat out on the bike every time we go anywhere....... :) and about 5 layers of t shirts vests thermals etc :)

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