best home jet wash; your experiences please


right, next bit of kit im needing. whats the best one for home use? how much? where from? answers on a post card please
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Bought a Pro Power 1600 one from B&Q. It broke. So did the replacement. Have a Karcher one now - much better and accessories are easy to come by.

This was a replacement for a KEW (now Alto) which had worked very well for 12 years of regular use.
Think what you want it for

Yes you want it for home use but when you have a good one you find other uses for them!! Like cleaning the brickwork, garage doors, the patio, the block-paving drive... the list goes on. It's amazing what it does to a dirty patio - no need to bother with any cleaning fluids - just blast away with water. And while you're at it ...your boots, window, window frames, lawnmower. We should have a competition really!!!!

Buy the best you can afford - the cheap little Karchers have plastic moving bits and wear out if used a lot. Just go into your local specialist shop and see the piles of them awaiting service. The better units have metal bits throughout including the nozzle on the gun thing.

Having a drum which winds on the 15 metres or so of hose is useful too.

Mine's a Karcher 620, others here have the 720. Do a search.
Bevery carefull when blasting stuff with little Karcher 320 is dead good and we've all seen the warnings about blowing oil seals and bearings, electrics out, but I took the top layer of concrete off a path once and since then it's disintegrated........fortunately it wasnt my path :D

It's also excellent at clearing down fence panels so they look like new, wheely bin cleaning and clearing blocked drains....bloody usefull bit of kit...

Think mine was about 130 quid from Halfords a year or two ago during a sale.

Don't use it for home enemas aint big or clever.

or pretty.:rolleyes:
Try Machine Mart. They do a range of them, I bought one branded 'Clarks' a few years back and is great for all the jobs you're likely to need it to do.
Pressure washer

Bought a karcher, can just about use it but the wife is very happy
but the wife is very happy with it.

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