Best toy - Worst toy


Ok, so what's the single best toy/tool you've put on your GS, and the single worst bit of kit you've ever put on your GS (even if it's not on it now..)

As I don't have many toys on mine, I can't say quite yet..
:D : Garmin V (easily the best)

:mad: : Keihin Y Piece (1)

(1) Strictly speaking I didn't fit this it came with it but it has pushed the exhaust out and the Touratech lugage rail now has to have ugly spacers to make it fit - and it affects the performance - oh for a stainless collector box!!
:D Blonde
:( 'Raymond' the sheepskin on a wet day

Ooooh, you're going straight to hell for that one....


Only if some b'stard printed it off and showed it to her, but who would give anyone that idea..
The ignition key.
Without it the rest of your toys would be useless.

Seriously the best toys(neccesities for me) are my jesse panniers and H&B engine bars.
My worst toy-

My f**ing disc lock.
Without in there wouldnt be a mark on my bike(apart from dirt)
But then again I might not have a bike without it.
Best: Laser Pro D'Or exhaust system and superchip (still grinning)
Worst: Adventure Headlight Guard (very expensive piece of badly designed, badly made, non-functioning piece of BMW toot)
Good bits Bad bits

Good things; Sheepskin rug for seat (despite all the piss taking and innuendos) and a mobile phone charger.

Bad thing - for me (good for the bike) copious amounts of waxoil for winter riding. A real sod to get off come the spring.
:Catrun The best thing to put on a GS is miles - lots of them!

Corbin seat - the best
MRA Vario Screen - no turbulence.
Ohlins shocks - smoother and more controlled.
Marrakesh Red Paint - looks the Biz
Tourance tyres - to enable you to get the pegs down.
Baglux Tankcover and mapcase- saves the tank and you can read the map.
Heated Grips and ABS - comfort and safety.
Rubber Front mudflap - stops the crap going on Genny cover.
Catalytic converter - saves the environment (only joking).

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