Best way to lower a 650GS ?


Recently got the wife a 650GS but the ride height is just a little to high.
Does anyone know of a manufacturer of rear shox that will help, it only needs to drop by 1.5-2in.
Alternatively, has anyone got a low seat that is cluttering up their garage that they want to get rid of.

I hope someone can help, because the engine bars can't take many more impacts with the tarmac !

BMW themselves make a low-seat version of the 650GS. However, they achieve the low seat height by using lowered suspension, not by using a different seat.

Your local dealer should be able to supply the parts.

Been down that route. The BMW lowering kit is only available as a factory fit option, (or so the parts man at my local dealer tells me).

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I recently lowered my 650 for the better :) half;
1) You can get a bmw lower seat (aftermarket)
2) You can get a Bmw lower rear shock
3) Bmw dealer (Bvm Stroud in our case ) can fit above & adjust front shocks to match.
Overall job is a couple of hours labour + parts (not cheap) but you get a genuine job and about 2 - 2.5" lowering
Pm me for further info if needed
I think the full BMW lowering 'kit' includes shorter main stand and side stand. Something to consider.
Get her to try the lower seat on its own before fiddling with the suspension.
Try an advert on Trevors site here . Some riders want to swap the other way.

Good luck........................
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You could also try loosening the bolts on the front forks and sliding the fork tubes up about an inch or so though the top and bottom fork brace, then tighten them up again. This will lower the bike but sharpen up the steering a bit. I've seen it done before on a 650 Dakar bike that was just a bit too tall for the rider.
I have a daker seat on mine(GS) now and its a good 1-2" highr than the gS standard seat.Is it possible to lower the stansions in the yokes?My mate has just super motarded his GS and that has lowered it a bit too,perhaps a 19" gs wheel will be a option?
If you fiddle and adjust too much, you end up destroy it.
There's a reason why things are the way it are.

-Why not try a Scarver?

:) Liv.
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We have two seats and swap them over depending on who is riding the 650GS. Not being of a tall stature, Mrs Chisurz uses the smaller seat and gets on just fine. Ideally she thinks another inch lower would be good, but once underway has no problems and hasn't dropped it yet (on tarmac, at least...). I've seen smaller people ride 1150GSA's without worry.

So before spending £££ on lowering the suspension I'd test drive a lower seat and see.

The other thing I'm looking at to help the handling (with confidence) is the off-road skills course. They use the 650GS' as the bikes. Having done it, I can say it was great fun and excellent education in handling. I'm sure my better half would benefit too, so that's another option to think about...
I can recommend koubalinks, good service, good price, piece of piss to fit and better than bmw's own links because they have grease nipples.
Touratech sell a lower seat (about 3cms) @ £261.98 - see p344 of 05/06 catalogue
Motorworks list one in their catalogue @ £116.50
You could always buy your lady some Daytona boots with the raised insoles...I have a factory lowered 650GS and I'm 5ft tall..can just about touch the ground with both feet, so I'm tempted to invest in the footware...not cheap though unfortunately..:)

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