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I wanted to mount a ciclo computer on my ADV. I got a Sigma which is certified for 300 KMH but I have difficulties atdapting it to the bike.

Is there anyone who has already done this operation and is willing to give me some info on how to install it.

Thanks in advance

make a small bracket to attach the sensor to the forkleg - i folded up a small piece of aluminium sheet - 16g i think.
Hold it onto the fork leg using two tyraps - or glue if you never want to move it.

fit the magnet onto the spokes so it passes the sensor
adjust the al. brkt for minimum air gap to the magnet.

run the wire up to the h'bars - tyraps as you go-check h'bars for full lock etc.

fit the h'bar brkt to the - err - h'bars in a desired position - mines on the left hand side

measure your front wheel rolling radius by setting the front tyre valve on the ground and push the bike for one wheel revolution - measure the distance on the ground as accurately as poss..

Input this to the pushbike speedo ( ins or cms as reqd. )

check your sensor triggers the speedo

bob's yer uncle

hope it works for you
Touratech sell self adhesive magnets that fit on the wheel rim

Magnet self-adhesive D10mm £ 1,57



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I bought a cheap Halfords one for 7.99. Simply attached the sensor to the fork leg using some cable ties and put the magnet bit on the spokes.

You have to measure the diameter (or radius - I can't remember which) of the wheel (including the tyre) and input that to the computer which is attached to the bars using the clip provided.

I was concerned it might upset the wheel balance but it doesn't seem to have had any effect.

It's useful as a second trip (for total distance travelled) and to verify the speedo accuracy (which is why I fitted it) but that's about all.

Hope this helps



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