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Dec 30, 2002
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Hola Lads & Ladies,
I was going to tell you all about the fantastic views in Chile its Volcanos and lakes and the like, and about how Ive decided to go back onto ruta 40 Argentina and complete a few more miles on it, when about 4hrs ago this happened.........
I had stayed the night Bardes Blancas a small wind swept village on ruta 40 in the middle of the desert to visit some caves the next day, so up early to visit the caves and then back onto ruta 40 to Malargue. I was about 30km into the road from the caves, the road was mostly soft sand and I was taking it easy as my tyres wont take must more, in the distance I see a cloud of dust coming towards me down the mountain, so I knew something is coming at speed, so I slow up to about 20-30 mph. The next thing this truck comes round a righthand corner far too fast he starts to loss it and is heading toward the edge of the cliff, he pulls it back but then losses it, the truck starts to flip, lands on its cab and starts rolling towards me it turned about 3 times and stop about 100yards from my front wheel. I ride up and the driver is laying in the middle off the road and five people he was carrying are laying about the road, the drivers cab is flat and he looks in a bad way, one off his passengers is walking wounded so I unload my bike and take him to the last place I'd seen peolpe, got him there and the people went in thier jeep to get help, I returned to the crash site and there was now two other vechiles had arrived, the driver still looked in a bad way, as there was no more I could do I drove on the warn other drivers of the crash ahead and maybe find more help. I have never rode a road no slowly in my life, my mind was full of "What IF's" I warned a few drivers and police car of what had happened. I am now in Malargue and I am think about maybe taking I break on some beach for a few days. I know I wanted an adventure but this is unreal.:eek: :eek: :eek:
What if hadn't been there.....then very possibly the crash victims would be even worse off. By taking the guy off to the village like you did you may have helped save a few lives. It's good that you weren't part of the accident but top marks to you for being there and doing a good thing today :thumb Ride carefully but don't undermine the enjoyment of your trip with this - you've done real good today Jose !!!

As Gecko said, I’m sure there are a couple of folks thinking ‘What if that bloke hadn’t turned up on his bike’. Concentrate on the positive side of things, and enjoy the beach.

Take it easy, ride safe, and keep the tales coming.
FWIW / and speaking from experience -

if you keep thinking about whats behind you, in this case that crash - you are not focussed on whats ahead of you*.

and THATS far more important!

i'd agree with the other posts - take a little time out. dont think too hard on the "what ifs".

personally i dont look for trouble / it knows where i live!

it could have been worse; rolling truck stopping at _minus_ one yard and not _plus_ 100yards, then you wouldnt be here to tell us.

*easier to say than to do, i know.
Take Care of Yourself.
Cheers Lads,
I met up with a German couple travelling on Africa Twins who arrived at the crash site about two hours after I had left and they said the medical people had arrived, I am still in Malargue and will be back on the road tomorrow im waiting on me boots getting fixed and then ruta 40 again, When I get back to Ireland I am going to "ruta 40" tattooed on me arse. :D :D :D :D
on the road
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