Biggest grin...


Went out for my first proper ride since buying my GS three weeks ago,took in a whole lot of Essex and Suffolk on route with the little woman on the back.Now I thought I use to have fun on my Mille but the GS is shockingly good,I have scrubbed right to the edge of the tyre good and proper something I could never do on the RSV,just couldn't get rid of those 1/2 inch chicken strips and the best bit was it was done two up and in complete comfort!!
Took me 18 months of deliberation but so glad I made the change,just can't wait to get out again.
big grin

welcome to the club! May all your bends be happy ones

Glad you made you made the move over to the darkside Les,that day I saw you over at sawbridgeworth drooling over them I knew it wouldn't take you long.You won't regret it :D

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