Bike in storage for two years – Oil change needed ?


Hi GSers

I’ve had my R1100GS in storage in Europe for two years.
I’m about to dust it off and ride it back to the UK.

Its was serviced just before being put in storage.

One thing I’m unsure of is whether I should change the oil before making the journey back.
I seem to remember someone telling me that oil can separate over time.
I’m concerned that the oil currently in the bike may not offer adequate protection after having sat for two years.

Any advise would be appreciated.

DaveC :)
Definitely! Drain the oil and any fuel left in the tank also!

Most certainly if it's mineral oil. Fully synthetic oil may still be OK, but if you're not sure, change it.
Thanks for the advise guys.

new fuel, oil and filters it is then.

DaveC :)

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