Bike to Bike PMR Radio


Bike to Bike PMR Radio

Myself and a friend regularly go for rideouts together & are thinking of buying a set of PMR radios to allow some communication between us.

We are considering buying one of the following radios & headset does anyone have any comments about these radios or have any alternative suggestions.

Kenwood TK3101
Kenwood Funky
Alan 456R
Icom IC-F22ICR

Thanks for all your comments
Most of us have either the Icom F22 or the Kenwood 'Magimix' TK3101. If Vern made radios, he'd make something like these :D

They are very robust units best suited to the rufty tufty life of a bikers radio. Crystal Radio do these at the best prices I've seen.

You can get PMR446 radios from as little as £20 but they are less robust and placcy. Same frequency and power limits of the PMR446 requirements.

There is one which is suppose to be an easy mod to increase power though this will drain the battery so you'll need to run it off the bike.

Do a search on PMR radios and it will reveal itself in a post by City Slicker

My chum and I use units from which are very good, very small and designed specifically for use with helmet sets. Be careful with some of the cheapy sets as they cannot be operated with a remote PTT (Push To Talk) which is a facility you will need on a bike.
Truth be told none of them are much good above 60mph, unless of course they are linked through an autocom system which i'm told improves things no end. Something to do with powered speakers ?

If you're prepared to spend the cash you can't beat Autocom in my view. I tried a couple of the cheaper sets on the market and found that at 50-60mph the microphones activate and all you get is wind noise and hissing in your ears. The Autocom units have anti-noise and stay quiet until you want to talk and the sound is crystal clear even at 80mph+. Added to that, you can plug in a walkman/minidisc player for those long journeys. Easy to fit(!) and they can be hard wired on to the bike so that you don't have to worry about batteries.
I've had an Autocom system for two years now I wouldn't go back to anything else. It's been ultra reliable and been through some pretty rough riding with no problems. The down side is that for bike to bike your looking at £400+ each...

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