Bio-degradale clutch cables!

Iain Hogg

Having just ordered my 3rd (!) clutch cable since March this year I thought it was worthwhile taking a bit bit more apart to see why they are only lasting 2-3 months each!

Problem seems to be in the lever which has worn it's spindle hole oval and ground down a lot on the underside so the cable is being bent just at the top nipple every time I pull in the clutch.

Does anyone else have a lot of up/down movement in their (1100) clutch lever?

Has anyone replaced the entire left hand lever assembly? How difficult is it (with heated grips) and, most of all, how expensive?

Hope to be at Princetown this weekend - with a spare cable under the seat!

The clutch lever wobbles a bit, but not as much as the brake lever. Then again, I haven't clouted the clutch lever as often...

You haven't D****ED it have you?;)
You obviously didn't do as John Hill suggested in his reply to your last clutch cable thread. i.e. replace the bush in the lever.
At least there's a bush in the lever on my 100GS. I replaced mine and the difference in feel of the clutch was amazing. MUCH lighter in action. Well worth 50p. But then you're a Scotsman!! ;-))
See you at Princetown to take the piss.
Thanks Howard, I'll bring lot's of p*** with me so I don't run out. (Is that what I meant to say? :confused: )

Anyway, I think it's gone way past the bush replacement stage as there is a bout 2mm ground off the lower side of the lever where it slides (?) in the housing.

At the moment, I'm practising 'lifting' the lever as I pull it in until I can replace all the worn parts.

Princetown: I can't leave this area before midday so will be chasing you down there. Have a lesiurely lunch and I'll look out for you around Exeter services when I refuel.


Well, just to finish the story, the cable I fitted on Wednesday snapped on Friday as I left Exeter Services!!

Made it to Plymouth before having to stop and, to cut a long story short, made it to Ocean BMW where a VERY helpful Bill sorted me out with yet another cable.

Arrived at Princetown in the evening sun and joined in the weekend.

Next day the ride took us to James Sherlocks where I was able to sort the root cause of the problem by getting a replacement lever complete with nylon bush that is a good fit for the pin that goes through it.

Clutch lever now pulls the cable in only one plane and also feels much smoother.

So, if any of you 1100 riders have a clutch lever that moves up and down more than a very little, get down to your local dealer and get a new nylon bush before your cable is toast!


p.s. lever and bush is only £12

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