blue flame & back fires???


Since I fitted the Y pipe to my GS 1150 it back fires and blows out a blue flame, Is this normal or, do I have so problems????

Regards joe
I had a motorbike that I could have explosions and yellow & blue flames out the exhaust. Enjoyed it greatly as a noisemaker.
Fire out the exhaust is not so good as that fuel is not being burned in the engine. So you should notice a power decrease when exhaust flames are present. xplosiions in the exhaust are called afterburning and are most commonly evidenced by a popping sound in the exhaust. This is commonly taken to mean that the fuel /air mixture needs adjusting.
Naked flames

You could also get busted at a petrol station.. or kill yourself..
NO naked flames... seriously petrol vapours pool on the ground being heavier than air..
Back fire

Thanks for all your input.

I have spoken to the service department at my local BMW shop, they say that it is normal that the bike backfires and flicks out a small blue flame.

Regards joe

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