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Just been on the blue flame web site they show a titanium power port system priced at £409.00.they have other systems which are cheaper i think the price includes as they put it a de cat system which i take to be a y piece.has anyone got any experience of these systems.why are remus always raved about is it because their the best or the only one easily obtainable.if anyone is interested try
Got a Carbon one..........surprise !!

I got the first Carbon Oval Twin Port they supplied for a GS.

Had it for a couple of years, 20,000 miles and it is still as new.

Good thing with Blueflame..............lifetime guarantee :D

Oh, and they sound well:p


Check it out on

curious as to how it fots did it come with a y thingy etc, pipe due soon for me as my first overtime ever is burning a hole, any re maps etc, or was it straight on??

Not heard of these for bmw before and wondered how it was, oh and i'm tight and theyre cheap!!
Have just been in touch with Blueflame and told that their De Cat pipe is "under development". End cans only available a the moment.
Remus Pah!!!!

Give the guys at Carbontek Racing in South London a ring and buy a Two Brothers system. They can get them shipped from the States in 10 days. for more info.
Be different! Get a Laser Pro D'Or full system with Y-piece and power chip. I'm yet to see an 1150GS apart from mine with one fitted.


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Nice Can...........

Looks good Simon,

Though Carbon is of course better:D

What's that mark on the Airbox, the local Tom Cat been passing comment:D ??



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