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May 14, 2003
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Thanks to Val for the directions to the club tent, found Judge and Tiffany, saw Jim. Had a great time at the show and hope to be able to get to Princetown later in the summer. Will wear the t shirt with pride:cool:


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It was a fine turn out. I wish I could have stayed longer but all my recent and forthcoming business travel means that I was only granted a short pass-out from home. Still, I got to meet some of the people I'd only previously exchanged insults with on the forum - Judge, Commuter, Tiffany, Jim McSharry, Uncle Albert - to name but a few.

Booboo deserves special mention for his logistical support by bringing his nice new BBQ and for providing a very welcome breakfast of bacon sandwiches to feed a powerful hangover. Ditto Matron for organising the cause of the powerful hangover.

I froze my nuts off when I woke up at 4:00am to the sound of Madmountainman snoring in the next tent and found my own tent with a nice crisp coating of frost.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery to UKGSer's own resident stunt rider Jez Knievel.

mikebelch said:

My best wishes for a speedy recovery to UKGSer's own resident stunt rider Jez Knievel.


Whats Jez gone and done then?
Not a BOO-BOO.....

To Boo-Boo (feed me) and the whole shebang from Jim , through to the newest member...... It was my first BMF, and yes please I will be there next year as well.
Couple from my Pic-machine.....

Starting here...


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Demonstrating the pleasure technique???? Uncle Albert, very concerned, or is it confused.....?


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Around 05.30 this morning..... not a lot of interest in bikes....


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Sorry, Finger trouble.....
This was the 05.30 look....


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Some photos from the weekend

Just a few photos from the weekend.

Thanks to Ron (Black Dragon) for guiding us into the showground and sorting out our BBQ!

Thanks to Mike and Graham for leading the way to Peterborough!

Thanks to those who smuggled us into the club stand and arranged the food and drink for the saturday night.

It was my first BMF and great to meet a few more people from the club. See you all at the next one.

Tom. :D
One of the many pleasing sights to be seen :D


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The GS'ers were just behind the suzuki stand.... over there......


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Bryn did mention he'd been abusing his position - she's far too young for you mate - ask her for her mums tel. no. :D

OK - just a quickie - belting weekend other than bed time (really really cold!)

Jez now at home and getting sorted after his little tipple Saturday morning resulting in him breaking his collar bone.

Many thanks to you all for coming - special thanks to those who did the business - Judge, Dave and Val, Tiffany, Marion, BooBoo and his pa Kevin!

Great to see old and new faces from all over the place - the stand was very busy with plenty of new recruits.

Boy do I need my pit tonight!!!
:beerjug: :beerjug:
Superb weekend!

First weekend stay over at the BMF, first time camping since school days and had a great, great time :D Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones.
Bit cold on the Friday night, rectified by raiding the camping stalls for fleece and hat on Saturday. Cheers to Ron for arranging the meet-up, wise words on BMF "custom and practice" and the Tesco bbq run!!! Thanks also to Jamie for getting us into the exhibitors area on Saturday night to gather at the club tent and to those who arranged the food and booze for the evening. :beer: :beerjug:
Didn't buy much this year, HG stuff was certainly cheap but some of it looked a bit battered!
Now then, where can I find one of those fold-up chairs with the leg-rests........
Many thanks Jim, BooBoo, Matron and all there for making it a great weekend. Yep it was sure cold in the night and to get home and soak in a hot bath was just great!

Thanks especially for the Bacon butties in the morning - boy did I need them!

See you at Weyhill!
If you were there you should be in HERE

Special mention for Shaun and his dad Kev you both seemed to work tirelessly for the whole weekend. Sorry, must not forget Marion and Paul for your work keeping the club supplied with food and drinks. Well done to everyone who participated. Shame the BMF judges decided to come around just as everyone was starting to pack up. On a positive point for the BMF at least the toilets were an 100% improvement on last year. Already looking forward to Hog Roast and Kelso.

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