BMW Heated Grips

Geordie Foote

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Dec 17, 2003
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I've have been toying with the idea of heated grips, I am soon to return to the UK and reckon I'll need them, I've read that BMW's are the best, but my right hand switch gear does not have the heated grips switch, do I therefore need to fit a whole new right hand assembly or do I fit and additional switch?
If I buy a complete kit on-line what will it contain.
Has anyone any experience of fitting BMW grips.

I got a second hand set of R. hand switch gear from Moto Works and new grips and connectors. The grips wire into the existing wiring loom under the tank as does the switch gear. The only pain is removing the switch gear but its a pain not difficult. The leads push down through the bars and exit by the brace I tyhought this would be the hard bit but the wires just came out no bother
Thanks Roger

I'll give them a try.
How much did it all cost if you dont mind me asking?


Can't remember exaxtly but I think it all cost about £110 if you give Moto Works a call they will tell you what you need and quote you for the 2nd switch gear. The grips themselves were £40 I think the rest was conectors/pins and the switch assy. Easy Job and you can't tell it from std.

My bike is non ABS it now has the ABS button which does nothing except confuse the hell out of sleepy BWM techies.

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