BMW heated vest?


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Jan 27, 2004
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hednesford, Staffordshire
Hi folks

Ive just bought a bmw heated vest plugged it in to try it out
what do you do with the controler thing do you just let it hang
or have you secured it some how?

stevie :confused:
My most reliable solution involves an 'out of intended product use envelope manoeuvre '.

Before I zip up my outer layer ready to mount the bike I fold a small loop of the waistcoat power lead proximal to the yellow knobbly wotsit up into the midst of the anastamosed velcro 'forests' that hold the two loose ends of my Heine Gericke kidney belt together in front of my lower waist area:-


This works just right. There's spare excess of velcro loop snagging long as you didn't purchase your kidney belt on one of your 'leaner days'. It leaves enough showing of the knobbly bit out of my jacket to fiddle with on the go..... yet gathers up enough of the slack to walk about at garages with out the end plug banging about on floor or ankles. Obviously it is also just right to accommodate plugging in comfortably on the bike....lower socket by left heel. No excess dangliness there either.

NB The kidney belt is worn on the 'inside' of the electric waistcoat but extends a fair way below the lower border. Don't know what would happen if you wore it outside of the waistcoast. I don't. Probably it would cook your kidneys.
I loop the cord around the waist belt on my jacket. Stops it dangling around stupidly and getting caught in the rear wheel.

My Chillie Jacket comes complete with Velcro.

With a coiled leed, its no problem at all.

Jam it under the seat

I leave mine plugged in and jam it under the front of the front seat. When I sit on it I just re connect. Doesn't dangle or get in the way Easy...
As Gilson says, its easy to just ease the front of the seat back & drop the coiled bit down there, thats what I also do - be aware tho' that despite the fact that the switch looks as if it should be waterproof it isn't (should be for the money!) & needs tucking up under your jacket if it rains.

I've had mine for a few seasons and the switch has lived outside for it's entire life.

This includes drenching downpours for one whole day of riding and once being covered in snow and frozen over so I couldn't operate the switch.

It still works.

When the germans say it isn't waterproof I think they mean it cannot be dunked in water, however it has to be splashproof to even remotely work in it's intended environment.


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