rob sargeant

I think it's time that all of you know about RJS Motorcycles Ltd
they are a small company with three techs two of which
are factory BMW trained, they are also an M.O.T. centre.

Because they are a small firm a lot of care and attention is
taken on every job no matter how big or small.

Their prices are in the real world and they won't make you
wait Two or Three weeks for an appointment, usually Two or
Three days are enough notice.

The workshop is clean and tidy, fully equipped for all your
needs, with free mineral water, tea and coffee.

RJS are in London Notting hill, give them a call on 0207 221 1919
All the best

Wish you all the best of success Rob - If I didn't live so far away I would give it a try :)

Anyone setting up to take on the big boys deserves our support, especially if your mechanics have had the pukka training - does that mean they can sort out the surging problems ?

I bet yer rent ain't cheap in that part of the smoke



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