BMW Topbox - hard to open & close

Colin O

Anyone been having trouble opening/closing their top box?

Mine was getting very difficult to open due to the close fit of the rubber seal. I sprayed some furniture polish on it which has made it slightly easier.

Also, the yellow lever has gotten very sticky and no longer springs back on it's own. I've had to dismantle the mechanism and spray with WD40, which helps a bit, but it seems stick again when the screws are tightened up fully.

For now, I've left the screws slightly loose ....

(Never had this problem with the £40 Givi on my last bike!)

BTW, if you get water in the recesses where the 2 little hook things go you can't get it out.
My mate's had the same problem - took it in to the dealer and it was replaced foc - mine seems to be okay...
Mine's a bit stiff to close but not bad. I'd rather have it this way than leaking water in :)

As for the sticky lever, I wonder if it's got dirty from mud thrown up fom the back wheel? Mine gets filthy, I'm going to look into some sort of extra rear mudguard soon.
Hi, my original topbox is in pieces as per another thread, the darn thing popped out of the bracket when I hit a pothole. BMW did replace it with another one but I have the same problem as you mentioned with this replacement box, it does not align properly with the bottom section, I have to pull slightly on the lid when closing it, there is also no re-assuring 'click' when it is fully closed, seems to be worse in the mornings when the plastic/rubber is cold though. The odd thing is my previous topbox that was destroyed closed perfectly.

I am taking it back to my dealer tommorow and will see what they come up with ?


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