BMW touring panniers


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Apr 21, 2003
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Help please! Will BMW touring panniers from an Adventure or R1100gs fit an R1150gs?
The GSA alloy panniers will fit a GS1100/1150...........but the topbox won't.
The black plastic BMW GS panniers will fit all three oilhead GS models.
However with all the pannier types you need the appropriate rails or racking
the top box must be able to fit on the standard bike as I have seen several GSs with them. Corsican Dave has one.
The adventure topbox baseplate WILL fit standard 1150GS .
holes for grabrail line up ok,needs a little extra flatplate bracket making to bolt onto.
there is a gap between the baseplate sides and the subframe but looks ok.;)
The base plate support for the plastic topcase baseplate is needed to fit the Adventure top case to the GS. It's the small plastic piece with four brass fittings embedded in it and goes under the rear rack. Other than that the Adventure case mount is all that is needed.

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