Bos full system????


Hi there,
Came across a full Bos system in a dealers over here while lookin for an akro......Do any of you "learned" gentlemen have any experience of them on a 1200? Any help wud be appreciated:bounce1
aw come on , lads...........some advice or help, please!!!!!!!!!:confused:
I have a full BOS system which I would highly recommend...dunno about any alternatives though....
It's fine, I like it.
But make sure you get a make matching your years GS model. BMW changed the center stand somewere in productionline, so Bos had to change theirs as well.
I have a full system on my 1200GSA and it is stunning. Top quality, great sound etc. The best modification I've made to it and strongly recommended.
Many thanks for the replies, is me beggin for help and then not reply!!!!!! Sorry bout that, been v/busy all week makin money for "toys"! Ordered full system, makin sure it was the revised version for the 06 so lookin forward to a parcel from the postie instead of bills!
Thanks again lads.

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