Bought my first GS !!


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Oct 23, 2003
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Cork, Ireland
Well, I finally did it..I went and bought my first GS last Wednesday. Saw the bike advertised on the forums here, sent an email, made a phone call or two, and paid a deposit by paypal. Wednesday morning, I flew from Cork to Stansted, was collected by the seller who took me to Cambridge to see the bike and did the deal. Rode from Cambridge to Holyhead via A14, M6, M54 and A5 (A5 is awesome), a total of 262 miles in beautiful sunshine. Jumped on the (very violent) fast-ferry to Dun Laoighre at 6:30 pm and rode the 180 windy wet miles back down to Cork. Total of 442 miles in less than 11 hours, including a 2 hour ferry crossing. Enjoyed every minute of it.
The bike is a 1994 R1100GS with 53000 miles on it, Ohlins suspension, hard luggage, engine bars & loads of extras like haynes manual, brake pads, clutch cable, spare rocker cover etc etc.
Am I happy ? You bet. Great fun to ride, especially on the crappy Irish roads.
Spent Saturday and some of Sunday giving it a good service - new gearbox and final drive oil, engine oil, stripped the calipers - new brake fluid and pads, balanced/sync'd the throttle bodies, changed the air filter etc. It was well out of sync and the difference now is quite noticeable.
Looking forward to putting plenty of mileage on it very soon.
Am collecting a Remus pipe this weekend so it will sound like a proper bike by Sunday !!
I am converted !!!

Here is one of ther pics that made me buy the bike. I'll post another one soon, once i can sort out the glitch with my digital camera..


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Very few bikes can look that nice at 9 years old...:cool:
Nice one, Fergus, that bike is pristine for its age. Looks like a great buy. Hope you enjoy it - just wait until you get that Remus system on it!
Well done Fergus! youve definately bought the perfect bike for Ireland! enjoy it! (and Spain for that matter).
Ah - a proper bike.
nice one - looks good

get some tobinators and an 1150 screen for a big difference.
sheepskins for the seat from Ebay

Thanks !

Thanks for all the postive comments guys.
Put a Remus can on it yesterday (thanks again Arthur). Has made a huge difference - bike is much more torquey and responsive. Sounds great too.
Photos to follow soon.

Told you it would make a difference! Good to meet you yesterday, pity we weren't on the bikes, great day for a blast. Glad you like the system, it made a huge difference to my 850GS when fitted, mid-range was way stronger, fuel consumption actually dropped (despite unneccessary throttle blipping and cogging up and down the box!) and it pulled like a carthorse. Enjoy!

Didn't change anything at all. Last weekend I did give the bike a good service though - the throttles were well out of synch, both at idle speed and at 4000 rpm. Apart from that, fresh fluids, pads and filters and that was that. Didn't chip it or anything.
Goes great now. Like having a new bike :D
I would highly recommend the change !

richie said:
Did you change anything as far as the injection was concerned or was it a straight plug an play.
Good luck
Nice bike. Same as my GS, apart from mine's had a red seat. She looks very clean, and mileage isn't an issue to worry about on these bikes. Like you say, great for the Irish roads with their 'varied' surfaces. I'm sure you'll have years of fun. You'll be hooked now. I'm just going onto my 3rd GS, and can't see me ever buying anything else....slainte..../Franco

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