brake light on yer helmet..


found this trawling the web earlier..

od ya think it would vere catch on?


what do ya think folks..


Think i'll stick with me LED rear light/brake set up from Touratech.
The rear bulb is a single filament job and has failed on me at night. No rear light at all. Serious safety implications.
The easy to fit £40 LED device is about 4" x 2" by 1/2" and is superb.
Pthagonal said:
what do ya think folks..



BTW : people are starting to fit them Widetails (link on my sig) as Wide Brakes also. Reason being width I guess, either that or they see my bike and like 'em

Height has got to be a good thing. Works for cars I guess

Now if they made them in the shape of 2 eyes a nose and a mouth that would cause drivers to do a double take.
It must be uncomfortable, even bloody painful, having a brake light on your helmet:eek:
Spoiler & brake light on the helmet!!:) :) :)
Why not?
....if it's not heavy...

Liv. Norway.
dave.boulder said:
The easy to fit £40 LED device is about 4" x 2" by 1/2" and is superb.

How did you get it for £40?:mad:

Just paid £51 + P&P!

Seriously, if previous Touratech items are anything to go by, they're top quality with sh1te instructions.... How easy is it to wire in? Looks like it's got a plug on it (arrives tomorrow, just going from the pic in the catalogue) - where does this fit?

Anything that gets you seen has got to be good, it must work via an RF transmitter connected into the Brake lights and a receiver and power source in the lid, so will only work on that bike.

Malkys Wide tail is a better idea ' cos car drivers are not looking at your head, I did a similar mod to malk's but included both rear & brake lights, i think he also does Brake lights now and his is a fraction of the lid light made in Britain by one of us.
Sleepy, sorry mate but my old computer isn't up to digital technology although i need to upgrade anyway,
i didn't even have a scanner and wouldn't know how to use one anyway, It should be in there touratech catalogue??
Mike, £40 was a ball park figure, it may have been £45'ish (in my house everything is £40...remus tit race can, new motocross helmet.....not sure whether my wife suspects yet but no joint acct for me!
Itsa piece of piss to fit, comes with ok instructions altho from recollection they had the wire colours slightly arse about face.
It has those click connectors and prior to 'clicking' i bared a bit of wire and had a trial run.
Half an hour seems to ring a bell but i fitted Zega cases and rails as well all in one go.
I am not technically minded and the only thing needed is a bit of insulation tape.
I fitted the brake lights into my Kappa topbox. They light up right in front of car drivers noses - perfect.


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