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Paul G (BHT)

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Jan 30, 2001
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Can anyone recommend decent brake pads for my GS 11......Ferodo, EBC, Newfren, BMW the list seems endless. I’m still on the original pad’s (14,000), they seem to have load’s of ‘meat’ left but, I’m off to the South of France and Switzerland in June 3,500 round trip and so will probably change them as a matter of course.
Lucas is the best.

Hi Paul

Sounds like a nice trip you have planned.

I would recommend Lucas pads.

Try OE or Brembo - they're the same to preserve the discs and feel of the set-up.
You shouldn't need to change front pads @ 14-20k.
Mine lasted well over 30k on my old GS1100 and 1150GS.Rears changed @ 19 - 24k
greetings from sunny notts

hey Paul
we are planning a similar trip in sept, but currently have a hard time sorting a rough route out that keeps everyone happy and covers the best riding, have you got a set route, or any tips as we dont know those areas to well.

i would advise against vesrah (i think thats the name ?) pads, i fitted some last time and had to get the grinder to them to make them fit.

all the best
have fun
brake pads

Hi Paul,

I,ve tried a few pads and didn't find a lot to choose between them. Your riding syle has a lot to do with your opinion on pads, however, I would advise agaisnt the EBC ones. They dont come with the small locating pins and rattle annoyingly.

Your planned trip sounds gr8.

Simon T:beerjug:
Dik ,
See my post on Favourite roads in UK/Europe.
Head down through the Vosges in Eastern France and in Switzerland/France/Italy you must try the Grand and Petit St Bernard Passes near Aosta and again in Switzerland the Grimsel,Furka and Susten Passes nr Andermatt. Also the N85 Route Napoleon from Digne to Grasse/Nice .E-mail me if you want any tips or a chat , I have a bit of Euro touring experience - i like to do 10-12,000 miles per year in Continental Europe
Have a break......

Brembo are cheap but good.
BMW are more expensive but last much longer.
Vesrah don't fit (as stated above).
I've used EBC, but, without the anti rattle springs they are terrible.

One can take the rattle springs off the original and rivet them onto the EBC pads but that does seem a waste of time, unless you wish to save heaps of money.

I am currently running ferodo - will let you know as I only just changed them.
Dealer changed a set after 6000 - approved 2nd hand bike mind you. The last set lasted about the same don't know what they were - must have been made of ice cream. On my pervious bikes I was in the 20Ks before anything needed looking at. So I can only assume that the pads fitted were crap, I only wish I knew what they were.

Guys in the States seem to swear by Galpher Green pads which are available from MAP Engineering .

I've always preferred softer pads and am happy to replace them more frequently. Softer pads give more "feel" and wear themselves out instead of the discs. My first set were replaced at the 6000m service but I will probably choose a different brand to replace them. I've always been harder on the front brakes than the rear......probably comes from many years on an R80GS with a crap drum at the back. Now I've got an 1150, and I'm still harder on the front :D . I used to use AP racing pads on the R80, but these were in a 4pot caliper taken from a K1100RS and were biting onto a PFM cast iron full floater. That bike stopped really good....:cool:

In defence of EBC [HH] brake pads.......... I've just installed my second set [R1100GS '98] and it's true they do come without any shims. However,the first set performed faultlessly without any noise or rattlin' at all and the second set looks to do the same.


Russ :confused:
GS Brake Pads

I use my bike for riding in London traffic every day so I'm on the brakes a lot. I have found that Ferodo and Mintex are rubbish, far too soft. BMW are good but expensive (surprise, surprise), the best "all round" pads are Brembo, they are hard but not too hard and perform very well in the wet. They cost about £18 a pair plus delivery from MPS ( I paid £58 for the fronts and rear last week - including delivery). They have the springs fitted (for the front) and as they are Brembo you should be safe as they are OE for the bike anyway. Not sure who makes the BMW ones but I suspect it is Brembo.

Have a good trip.

Jon. :hapybnce:

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