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Feb 27, 2002
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I got mt 1150GS April 2003 (New) Its done 24400 miles and most of that is done two up with a ton of gear, and yet at the last service 24k, they said there is stil 3-4 mil on the Pads.

On my 850GS I had to change the Pads every 4 to 6000 miles,

my question is when do the brake pads ware out? And how long will 3-4 mil last?

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Dave & Val

At last a thread worth reading, the front pads on an 1150 seem to last an age, mines done 19,000 miles and when new they were 5mm they are now 3.6mm , the minimum is 1mm so you can reasonably say another 18,000 miles.

Clearly you ride very well and use the gears as they are meant to be used and your cornering technique must be good or you would have worn 'em out by now.

The rears wear much quicker due to piston being only on one side as opposed to pistons on both sides on the 1150, If the 850 has calipers with the piston on one side only then that would explain the difference.

I changed my pads all round at the 18,000 service even though they were 3.6mm and fitted EBC's the braking is a bit sharper with EBC's but I kept the original pads just in case I had any disc warping so I could put the BMW ones back in the event of a warranty claim.

38,000 on the front ones (still original) and cleaned at 36k service - no need to replace yet.

Rear - different story - every 8/10k but I'm sure that's because Pamela sneaks a foot across and slams on the anchors every now and then :D
A good few hours around the Tong Off Road Course seems to finish off most brake pads :mad:

I bought a complete set of new pads when I bought the bike in May, but after 6000 miles (not all tarmac!) there's no noticable wear on the old ones yet.

It's interesting to hear they last so long.
The fronts will last forever, most owners will die from old age before they wear out, but as most of us know the rears are a different story.

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