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It's probably been covered before but can anyone recommend some better headlight bulbs for the 1150gs I quite like the look of the blue type. Anything has got to be better than standard and if you know a decent source i'd like that too.
Thanks guys
Hi, this has been covered quite well in this thread

The executive summary is Phillips +50% bulbs from

I have them myself and they are plenty better than the stock items, but still not so good when compared to other twin headlights.

Not only, but also

I forget to add that powerbulbs also sent me two very small blue tinted bulbs for free, which should give you a nice blueish tint (if they are still doing them).

I dont use them myself as I dont feel comfortable with the illusion that some may get thinking I am a member of the emergency services. But I see that plenty of other motorbikes, cars, vans and even lorries use them. So if it works for them, then I guess there must be some sense in using them.

I got a couple of free bulbs too, but I dont think theyfit the 1150 side light.

Brighter bulbs dont realy help, I think that the mirror and lens design is not allowing the light to be thrown far enough.

Extra driving lights is the way I will eventually be heading.
Can someone tell me what bulb fitting the 1150 has. I just tried to order some bulbs but didnt know the answer to this question.
I had some..

I had some off BTBR.. do help a tiny bit.. but the problem is really the reflectors.. and shape of the beam..

If you want to see how i cured the problem click here :

I can defenitely say they work.. Was out in the dark last night at the airbikers club meet near Mold. Riding at night is now no stress plenty of light and good spread/range.

I hope to get some night pics soon.

If you doing a lot of night riding, then auxilleries of some kind are the way to go. If you just want brighter lights for the occaisional night trips then brighter bulbs are worth trying.
Email sent.

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