brill' Bakerman


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Jun 28, 2004
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Crowle Green Worcestershire
well, didnt get to thank you personally but what a great weeknd.really enjoyed the ride out, the pig was terrific, band excellent and everyone was friendly.
I am so pleased to find out that even a vertically challenged Dood' like me can sit on a lowered 1100. Thanks Matron and Lucy for allowing my bum to grace your seats.ah well feel a new toy coming on and all those trick parts.................
once again thanks and see ya' all soon
Dood', Alex and Ned (the engineer)
Brill' Bakerman

Noticed our Steve was grafting the whole time from around 3:30 - when he turned up, with the loaves, fishes, onions, corn, and pigs - until nigh on 10:00 at night, preparing all the food for us. Stuck to it all night.

What a thankless behind-the-scenes job, really, but the Roast was a big success. We did appreciate your efforts Bakes!



Great weekend. My sincere thanks to all those who put in so much work to make this a success.
Steve... a special thanks to you.

Great to be able to put faces to Avatars... what a load of TOSSERS (meant in the best possible way).
'Tis a shame [for me] that I was only able to make it up there for a few hours last night. Excellent event. I look forward to seeing the photos.

Thanks Steve.

Indeedy......Thanks very much to all who made the event such a good one.......the food was great, the band were great, it was all well organised and we thoroughly enjoyed it......

So well done Steve, and all you others who made it so good

(PS and a big personal thank you to Becky for services rendered above and beyond the call of duty )

Bill & Dani.
Top weekend, top "Tosser"

Many thanks Steve, a great time had by Metal Man and I. well worth the 640 mile round trip.
Whens next years??
Cheers Dave
Cheesy Mike said:
'Tis a shame [for me] that I was only able to make it up there for a few hours last night. Excellent event. I look forward to seeing the photos.

Thanks Steve.


Me too!!!!

Could only get up for a few hours last night, but well worth it putting a few faces to Avatars:D

Great pig & music, shame to have missed the ride-outs and all that but will make up for it next year. Thanks to Steve for all the hard work, maybe not such a Tosser after all:eek: ;) :D :D
I can only mirror the sentiments already posted. It was superbly organised, especially when you realise that Bakerman and his family put all that effort in while still running the bakery and catering for another function today.

Cheers Bakes.

Kev & Liz :clap
Re: Top weekend, top "Tosser"

Dave Lowerson said:
Many thanks Steve, a great time had by Metal Man and I. well worth the 640 mile round trip.

Much enjoyed & appreciated:thumb

Still smiling at Mrs Bakes comment... Would you mind saying that again slowly and this time in English:eek: :D :D

As for the House :( :p


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thanks for all the hard work bakerman & others who made it such a good weekend.

saw you hard at it at 6:00 am sunday when taking the mutt out for a piss. would have offered to help, but i was :GS:GS:GS:GSed from night before. went back to the pit, can't do mornings :(

many, many thanks.
Echo !

Great weekend, nice ride out, good grub, waterproof pub !

Quote of the week "he's not gay, he's a scouser !"
best pork i've had in ages

great weekend bakes....even the disappointments of some scrote fiddling with me undies paled to insignificance after i had my quota of your best pork.....washed down with lots of vodka, a great band (including your offspring) and wonderful company

thanks for a great year i'll bring the tent..
I thought it was rubbish......too many noisy bikes, too many people getting drunk and eating too much, noisy band and riff raff all over the place - when are we doing it again :D

Seriously Steve - you have excelled again. :clap Even the inclement weather couldn't detract from another top event. The Eurotrash salute you .:bow
I already had an email back from my 2 German freinds and our little Austrian traveller freind we met along the way all said how they througoughly enjoyed themselves and were overwhelmed by the spontaineous frendliness of everyone they met. They are already planning to come back next year. :thumb
Absolutely spanking weekend only made possible by Bakes, Mrs Bakes, Judge who did loads of backroom stuff, Chris the Fat Twat and his presentation (Saying noffink about his failure to reach 1st Stage on the Sunday ride:rolleyes: ), staff in the pub who worked their goolies off, Bake's staff who helped out with the piggies (My Mrs will never ever look a pig in the eye again!).

Thought the bands played some great stuff and even allowed us to witness one of the early performances of an up and coming rock star - Master Bakes:D

Again :beerjug: to all for making it a great event!!!
Thanks for another cracking do Steve! Thanks to Dave and Jan and staff and great to meet so many there!
Paul & Mags:beerjug:

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