Brody said what?

Brody says.....

  • "we're going to need a bigger boat"

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  • "you're going to need a bigger boat"

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  • "we don't have adequate resources to get the job done."

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Sep 26, 2003
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boundless said:
we/you ...... surely Brody're going to need a bigger boat?

Running Dog said:
NOPE you wrong the words are when he spots the fish for the first time "were gona need a bigga boat " now will somebody tell me about the tank is it the same size and dimentions or not ?

Mmmph! :banghead:

Listen to the sound clip from the actual movie - "You're going to need a bigger boat". Zip file attached with sound inside if anyone wants to listen to it.

Case solved. Thankyou. Declare victory. Move on.

Mike the Googlemeister


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cookie said:
bloody google. i used it too

In the past I have done a lot of lectures in schools across the UK about the power of the Internet. One of my standard quotes is "The biggest strength of the Internet is that anyone can post information. The biggest weakness of the Internet is that anyone can post information" In a school context this means that I, who got a U in my history O-Level, could post a site on the Internet proclaiming to be the authoritative history of the Kings and Queens of England. It could be total bollocks but some kid using Google could find it, copy it and submit it as homework thus carrying on the proud tradition of getting a U.

My point is that you have to learn to discriminate between information sources, to weed out what you believe to be false or inaccurate and to try to identify one or more authoritative sources. Ultimately it has to be your call on what you believe is the most accurate source and you don't do this by simply accepting the first link you come to.

Of course, I'm being a smartypants here but this is a post in the Technical forum rather than Beakchat & Bollox. :D

i wondered what it was doing in the tech forum myself.

and you know? the site i linked to does look a bit mickey mouse compared to your ref.
garbage or garbidge?

AND after all that exhastive garbage still you or me dont know the size /dimentions of the tank . and the link to the clip dont work for me so I still know its "WERE" there or is it thier ? :eek:

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