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Jan 8, 2002
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While removing the front wheel, the allen bolt broke, leaving half inside the clamp. What's the best way of removing the bit from the clamp?

Yosi, you will need a set of 'easy outs' either borrow some or get some from Halfords etc.

The most important trick when using them is drill your hole as centrally as possible allowing you to use the largest 'easyout' extractor that will fit.

Use a small sharp drill first as a pilot hole.

Take care it must have been bloody tight or seized to have snapped off in the first place. So before you set off to Halfords squirt some WD40 around.

If all fails you may then have to drill the broken bolt out and either retap the thread out to the next size up or insert a helicoil.

Good luck, and take your time

you could try drilling it out with a left handed drill. the heat generated hopefully will free the bolt & it should just spin out.

easy-outs are the tools of the devil IMHO. they snap VERY easily, then you're really stuffed.

if in doubt get an engineering firm to remove the bolt.

It can't be that unusual, Joe The Celt has an oversized clamp bolt on one side of his 1100. Once it's out, make sure that you give the replacement a smear of Copper Ease; this virtually eradicates the possibility of seizure due to corrosion.

Good luck with it.

Mick :thumb

Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago when changing the tyres. Bolt broke between the two halves of the pinch. Sprayed wd40 on it the night before then got a drill as close a size as possible to the original bolt. Drill out and give a little sideways movement on the drill to leave as thin a carcass as possible. I then got an old posidrive screwdriver bit ( the sort fits an electric screwdriver) and tapped it into the carcass. You can put a spanner on the bit and gently unscrew it. Mine came out surprisingly easy considering it was seized in. Worst case drill out bigger and tap the fork for the next bolt size up. As a temporary fix - as i did when waiting for the bolts from bmw - simply put a smaller bolt through the carcass with a nut and washer on the back of the fork.

Hope this helps.

If you do apply grease to the new bolt then the torque applied to the bolt should be decreased. By how much I don't know.

It'd be a shame to strip the thread you've just saved.

Y, If you get really stuck

and don't want to muller the whole leg, look up my cozen

Daryl @ SteelCraft in Hayes Middx ()Sorry aint got the number on me, Top Bloke and Top Biker and he'll spark enrode it out.

Much Much safer than wanging a Black and Deker about.

Tell him Graham sent you and he'll charge you double.



doesn't spark erosion leave bloody huge hole?

that's what i was told when i asked about getting it done.

just a thought: will the bolt pass straight through the clamp? try it on another to be sure.
if so bolt will be easier to remove from the back rather than digging around 10mm down the hole where it snapped.

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