BT Openworld Surftime Dial-Up Number......Confirmation?


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Jan 3, 2002
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North Yorkshire
Hi guys..........just need a confirmation of the number.

On return from hols, I have upgraded to the new browser edition and installed it.
The dial-up number is - 1470 0844 0404005

Can any other Surf Time users, comfirm this is the correct number and not linked to a Premium Rate scam (or how to check via BT Yahoo site)


Yes the number is correct. I was able to get through to a BT operator that confirmed this was the correct no.
Its always better to check than get that £1000 bill through the door.
From the virtual lips of BT Yahoo Help

Surftime: 0844 040 4005 (no call charges, 6pm - 8am weekdays and all weekend). Please note dialling this number during the Daytime period is subject to a 5p minimum call charge.
Daytime: 0845 756 0000 (Calls charged at BT local rates, 8am - 6pm weekdays)

Cheers guys..............I found info on BT site eventually (it was the 1470 bit, that worried me)

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