BTBR goes camping


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Oct 10, 2005
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A crazy melon farm
The West Midlands massive arrived and pitched camp. We were soon joined by Sifika who pitched a tiny tent, much to our amusement:


We then retired to the bar to await our glorious moderator. He was easily spotted as he arrived, he has the loudest exhaust on :eek:

Being a decent mate I rushed :)rolleyes: ) to show him where we were camping. This was the finite limit of my help ;) Well I was part way through a pint and didn't want to spill any :beer:


I was highly amused to hear that Alan had bought a brand new tent for the event which he had only ever erected once before :D


My amusement soon attracted an audience who were just about as helpfull as I was :rolleyes:


Who needs bingo when your local moderator will offer entertainment on this scale :thumb2


All too soon, and alas a little predictably ;) , the tent was properly erected


So we all retired to the bar again :beerjug:
It was only a matter of time I suppose before the pictures surfaced.:(

As for the exhaust, sorry if I woke you up so early on Sunday morning...:mmmm I did try to pull away nice and slow so as not to disturb you.

Then I thought b*ll*ks to ya, and gave it a handful. :clap

In my defence, it was the voices that made me do it, well actually it was all Sheps full, coz he egged me on :augie
What tent have you got now then?

Have you already pensioned off the new Coleman (?) you had at Rosedale?

I sold the "new" Coleman on ebay, bought it for £69, spent two nights at Rosedale in it and then sold it for £132 :eek:

Now have the Vango Equinox 350, Go Outdoors were selling the 2006 models £60 cheaper than the 2007 ones. No differance in spec at all, only a colour change.

Excellant tent, if a little on the heavy side, lots of space without going OTT.


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