Buying a new BMW


I have a 650 GS D test ride booked for Sat and if there are no problems I could buy the bike on that day. The question that I have is that I've never paid list price for a bike before (Yamaha, Ducati) because I could always go to another dealer and get a few deals than go for the best available. With BMW dealers can you knock them down from list price? Has anyone purchased a 650 GS/D recently and if so what sort of deal did you get?

Many Thanks

Robscooper said:
With BMW dealers can you knock them down from list price?

You're 'avin a giraffe int ya? BMW dealers giving discount? the best you can hope for is that they'll do you a "deal" on any clothing or accesssories you buy at the same time.

I guessed that might be the case. I'm part exchanging my old bike so I'll see what they give me for that.



Its still worth checking out other dealers to see what they will do on the part ex front. And I seem to remember some members here have got discounts when buying the 650.

I have a feeling that I'll get a poor result on the part ex, it's a ducati and I know non ducati dealers are not too keen on taking them. If that's the case I'll sell private and BMW will have to wait.

Well worth shopping around on the pex - my experience is it can vary a lot. But its a bad time of year for Pex; better waiting for the Spring.


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