Camshaft disaster


I am new to the list but really need some feedback.

Back in May, my bike (98 R1100GS) broke down - exhaust lobe on the L side camshaft had cracked. Nobody had ever heard of this happening and insisted there was no reason to replace the other side. Two weeks after getting the bike back, guess what? Exhaust lobe on R side has cracked. Still nobody can understand what has happened.

The bike was an import from Germany, and for 2 years was a rental bike where it has been well maintained. I have done 20,000 ks in the past year.

Any ideas why this may have happened?? Totally gutted!Seriously looking at Suzuki!!!
Have heard of it happening on a couple of 1100S's, think they were relatively early one's.
In 2000 a friend on his 98 1100GS broke a cam lobe. In fact it cracked and just sat on the shaft.

The bike ran like a dog but it ran on the right pot on three valves.

Shortly after it was fixed he was transferred to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics. Upon arriving in Sydney after a days ride from Melbourne he broke the other cam lobe on the same cylinder.

Knowing now just what it was, he limped to his temporary abode and then had the bike repaired. It has been good ever since to the best of my knowledge.

I'm not exactly sure but I think he eventually convinced BMW Australia to replace all cam shafts, if not, he replaced them himself!

He bought his bike in May 2000 and it's a March 1998 build, the same month as my own bike.

Its because the camshafts in the southern hemisphere are working upside down, therefore starving them of oil.
Thank you guys! Makes a difference just knowing it has happened before.

Do you think BMW will have the courtesy R1200GS in the post???

I am waiting for the second replacement camshaft to come from Germany - sounds like I should be right as rain then!

Can't help but think it must be a bad batch!

Thank you again:)

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