Can someone organise a Tech day?


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Jul 15, 2002
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Like many people on this board I enjoy working and servicing my own bike.
Whilst I feel that I am reasonably competent to carry out these tasks I am always willing to learn from someone else’s experience and knowledge.
Does anyone on the board feel confident to lead a Tech day or are friendly enough with a good BMW Mechanic to ask him to lead it?
Would anybody on the board be interested in a Tech day?
Maybe there’s an enlightened BMW dealer who would be willing to organise and host it.
My thought are that it is based on carrying out a major service explaining what is been done and why it is done that way. Hopefully with lots of interesting tips.
Using equipment that could realistically be purchased by a home mechanic.
Any thoughts.
tech day

Well I'd be really interested! I'm pretty competent mechanically, but for such things as carb/injector balancing, there's no substitute, for actually watching someone do/explain it.

Good idea..... hope it happens!
I'm absolutely hopeless technically. I get confused when people start talking about the different types of screwdriver - one's flat, the other one's called a Sony or something like that.

I'd definitely sign up for a Tech day, especially if it was somewhere in the Midlands. I'd like to see an oil change done, so that I can do them myself between services or on long trips.

As for really technical stuff, like fitting engine bars, halogen lights and a beak extension, I'll just have to leave it to the expert(s).

[I keep my tools in my cellar.]
Suits you sir

Oh Greg, are you sure you can make it if the tech day is in the Midlands.... perhaps we could get it held in Abbots Bromley..... I'd hate to think it was inconvenient for you..... or tooo far!!!

And by the way, that's not a cellar you keep your tools in..... it's just a wine rack!!!
You're right - I'm being totally inflexible and unreasonable. Let's hold it at my place. Free beer all day for those who come on their bikes!


The beer's kept in my cellar!
tech day

I'm very interested.

If someone is organising something, I'm willing to contribute if you are looking for some help...

I have worked on Cars for yonks, and more recently bikes, but a lot of the basic principles are the same.

I am an Electrical engineer working for Jaguar cars, and I'd be happy to take a group of people through the basic stuff. Including Electrical Diagnostics, tools, basic principles and some of the mods on the website, etc,.

If help is required organising, then drop me a line, but I don't know of a suitable venue.

With any luck, by the time it's organised, I will have tracked down the surging issue and may be able to shed some light.

Drop me a line,


I would be interested.
Not really too interested in things like how to service as Haynes has that covered. Even if you have a R1150GS I'm sure the R1100GS manual will cover it. Maybe there is case for standard servicing day as perhaps not everyone will open a manual and go for it. Me, I just had a misspent youth.

Anything to do with tuning including all the configurations for Chips and exhausts would be cool.

Could we not all just go to Motorworks or Motobins and have one of their knowledgeable folks share some knowledge. That way everyone would gain. Maybe this has been tried before ?

Bakerman could come along and do his Harry Enfield "oh no you don't want to do that" give a spotty 16 year old guy a job and stop messin' around. Sounds more like a carry on film. Oh no I am in for a kicking. ;) May I just say "even you reject pasties are fantastic". Notadrop and City Slicker know what I mean. That reminds me I must go and stock up with food, seems all the smart people are.

Any good mechanics in Andover. Now it would be techy and tasty. Yum Yum.

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