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Nov 17, 2003
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OK, lets see if i can explain this so that people understand what I am trying to do with my SPIII?

That said I dont think that it can be done anyway but its worth a long shot.

While I was out the weekend I found a petrol station that was not listed on the menu of the GPS. So the first thing I have done is save it as a Waypoint.

But this made me think, can I add that detail into the main menu for doing a search for fuel?

Because I think that I am correct in assuming that if I am in or around that area again and did a search for fuel it would not pick this one up because it is a Waypoint rather than being listed on the menu? So the only way to find it was by searching by name?

I also want to add a number of Little Chef locations because I am now doing a number of runs for people and it would be handy to be able to find them using the 'restaurant' search.

Do you get my drift as to what I am trying to do :confused:

On some of the newer GPSR's, such as the 296, you can have the GPSR display your own personal waypoints either by name or by the icon you select to identify the waypoint. This means you can then sort the list of your personal waypoints so that you see all the fuel stations, then all the restaurants, then all the ATM's, etc.

I don't know if your GPSR supports sorting personal waypoints by icon. That is the only thing I can think of that might help. You can't add data to the POI (point of interest) database that contains all the lists of restaurants, etc. that comes with Garmin cartography.

Cheers Pan, I thought that that was the case.

Next problem is loading a dozen Waypoints all named the same, as in Little Chefs?

Ah arrrr, easy............LC1, LC2, LC3 etc etc


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