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Bought my GS from Cannons in Chelmsford. They have been very fair and professional so far. I will be in a better position to say more after the first service of course but a class act so far. Thank you to Nick, Tony, Ronnie and the lovely dark haired young lady whose name i don't know but is always very helpful.
Bought my 02 GS from there and had no problem at all very helpfull when waranty work was need and they make a good cup of tea and of course there only 5 miles away from me now.
Just continuing this thread with a slight revision. picked the bike up yesterday after numerous financial somersaults with BMW finance (pedantic in the extreme) I finally rode out of cannons on my ADV. First ride certainly made up for the aggro trying to but the thing in the first place. I am told that Cannons have an excellent reputation and I believe that to be the case. I may just have caught one member of staff on a bad day so I will still reserve judgement for a while. Maybe £12000-00 is not enough money to alter some peoples attitude ( I bought two bikes from them that day)
I have used them for three of my bikes (all BMWs), they are generally excellent but at trade in time the sales department sucks - Ronnie is reasonable and the one to talk to
I'm glad they seem to have a good reputation. I have ordered a new bike from them ( due May 22 ) after sawpping from another not so polite dealer.

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