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Right lets get the old grey matter going guys!!
I know we have some clevers brains in the GS Club so see if you can help me out
I'm about to fit a Nokia hands free kit to the car and would like to utilise the radio mute function
The Nokia kit has a wire for this which goes to 0 volts when the phone is in use
My Panasonic radio has a radio mute wire (orange C2) for this facility BUT the instruction book doesn't tell you what to do with it.
I've tried grounding it (neg.) and that has no effect but I don't want to put any voltage to it and knacker something in the radio.
I know I can do what the Nokia instructions suggest about using a relay to kill the supply to the radio but I'd like to do it properly if at all possible.
Does anyone know the answer please?
Ta in advance

Spoke to my 'car phone' man on your behalf.

You are quite right to assume that the Nokia wire (should be yellow colour) should connect to the Panasonic mute wire; and it does 'ground' for the duration of the call.
The problem you have may be resolved by instructing the radio to be activated upon grounding; apparantly with many units they have to be 'told' via a user input to actually act when the mute wire is grounded. So he suggests you check the instruction manual for guidance - or check out Panasonics website for either the answer or to e-mail them (something he's done with problems previously & got help back in return).
your best bet is to get the right iso loom for the car (assuming it is a standard stereo for the car ) they dont cost much and will then utilise the speakers for the phone .

but yellow is the mute on nokia kits

Or you could turn it off when using the phone.

Can you reach that far ?????
Thanks to ralphy and ming for your help
Jimb down to your usual standards of response!!

sherpa said:
Thanks to ralphy and ming for your help
Jimb down to your usual standards of response!!

I do this for a living, connect the yellow wire from the nokia wiring loom onto the blue wire on the panasonic radio and hey presto,
some panasonic models like some Sony ones only do what they call antenuation, which is a percentage mute.

You can also get an interface kit to mute the radio and bring the phone call through the car speakers. ( the boss singing your praises in stereo sounds fantastic).


Thanks for the info. - although there is still a question mark over the install - I've sent you a pm
Ta again

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