Carbon Can exhaust?


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Jul 10, 2007
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Anyone had one?

I had one on my old F650CS and it was superb, bit wondered if anyone had fitted one to their 1150GS?

Am thinking of fitting one, with a Y Piece (Remus or one of those ones on eBay that look exactly the same at a fraction of the price!)

I want something with a bit of volume (now, let's not start a debate about loud pipes please!) and I just want to know, are they louder/better sounding than a Remus?

Answers on a postcard...

And in case I don't get to check my email in the next few days,


... incidentally, has anyone bought one of these?
I've got one. But no longer fitted to the bike - carbon cans can, and do, fall apart.

I went back to standard end can with a Y piece.
Ah. That's not good.

How did it sound, pre-destruction?
Ah. That's not good.

How did it sound, pre-destruction?

Mine didn't destruct. I changed it because of the noise. On long rides it's very unpleasant. May be ok if your only a sunday afternoon rider :augie
Just looked at the heading- do you mean carbon can or Carbon Can Company???

I have one on my 1150- a titanium, can with CCC's own Y-piece. Picked it up from the NEC show a couple of years for about £220 complete. A bargain compared to the Remus.

Has been through a couple of winters and has stood up well- there is a couple of marks on the stainless steel but have polished them out quite easily so I think they are OK quality wise. It tucks in quite well- the only problem I have is slight blackening of the left hand indicator lens and a tiny bit of melting on the back of the reg plate. It is nowhere near the system panniers so I have no problem there.

Noise wise- feckin LOUD. Mine is BSAU stamped and has the baffle riveted in and it is still noisy. Not so bad if you rev slowly, but if you blip the throttle there is a lot of noise. Personally I love the noise, does get a bit wearing on the motorway, but when it comes to a standstill and you are filtering at least people can hear you. I have always been to a garage that is very lenient when it comes to MOT time- as I dont work in Manchester any more I am going to have to take it somewhere more local- have a funny feeling I wont get away with it next time even though it is BSAU stamped.
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Haydw, Yes, it is a Carbon Can Co. exhaust I'm after, so that's very helpful, cheers.

Steptoe, I'm a loud pipe fan, so that sound like it's gonna be fine for me.

Thanks both!
The louder the better :thumb

Leave the droaning to the old geezers who'd be better off on RTs :augie
A used BOS systems is available to me for £250 (Y piece and can).

Used BOS at £250 or new Carbon Can (also with Y piece) at £200?

Have I just asked a silly question ("you get what you pay for etc etc)?
one thing you must remember is:-

if the second hand can has not been repacked the heat from the gases will degrade the epoxy resin holding the carbon strands together and will delaminate/split (ex micron empolyee):rob

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