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Mar 27, 2003
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Mid Wales
Has anyone heard of a Carburettor conversion on a 1100GS, I am keen to take my GS over seas on my next trip. But I wont be coming back and I will not be living in an area with a dealership just down the road. I want to simplify my GS as much as possible.

Step 1 bin the injectiona and go for carbs instead.

Any ideas you lot?

bing carbs


Doesn't the factory dakar BMW R900 use 43mm Bing Carbs!
I'm guessing that carbs on these oil heads is a non issue with proven reliability of EFI.
Between carbs and the simple injection system on the older GS, I'd take the injectors. They are supremely reliable, simple and easy to get parts for. Injectors cater for changes in altitude, temperature etc etc, carbs don't.

Carbs give a bit more power, but really not worth the hassle for the gain and the pain of carburettors.
Quite a few on ukgser have had carbed 1100 GS's - Kenny and I think Roger both had them . But as Phil has said the fuel injection system is bullet proof .
I believe Steve Scriminger at SED has done a few too, though personally I wouldn't bother. Carbs seem to suffer a lot more from the crap fuel available these days whereas high pressure fuel systems seem to be less affected.

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