changed from vfr8 to a GS

The VFR used to be my favourite bke, I only rode the 1986 version but my fav was the VFR8 before they f****d about with the exhaust. Having said that I have been the proud owner of an 1100GS for the last 2 years and have racked up 25000Miles on the bike to add to the 11000 it already had.
Compared to the old VFR I rode it is not anywhere near as smooth and refined as far as motorways are concerned but for everything else it is a great bike. I have had a couple of small problems in the last 1500 miles but it has not let me down yet, at least not for more than 15 minutes. If you can do without riding over 100MPH. And if you are a B road scratcher looking for some light off road use the GS is a fantastic bike. I would not change it for anything apart from a newer one.
The wife likes it on the pillion seat and travelling two up with luggage is effortless. If your getting one maybe the only real accessory you'll need is tobinators for the screen. The rest is just for the personal sattisfaction factor....
Yep about 13 months ago thought I,d made a big mistake at first it is so different and you do need to get the bike set up right which took some time ie I was forever grounding out the center stand, now no problems (apart from lights, oil consumption and genral weight) all of which you do get used to, I wouldnt change it now at all, 3000 miles in spain in 2 weeks 2 up the VFR would not of liked that. Theres a lot more to be said but I,m sure others will do that. Chris
Yep, sold my first viffer in 96 when I bought my 1100. Up to that point it was the best bike I’d ever owned.

Bought another in 1999 with a view to selling the 1100. Another great bike, done everything I asked of it, but bored me rigid.

Run the two bikes for the year, wasn’t using the Honda enough so I sold it on. Never missed it.
I had a VFR vtec did 4000 miles in 12 months, bought my GS in may this year have already done 11000 miles enough said.
Had a VFR800 in 98, did 4000 boring miles in 5 months, got a 1100GS, now going onto 3rd (variant of the) 1150GS and have done 80,000 miles on 3 GS's and would never consider that mileage on a Honda..................
Swapped from a VFR 8 last year, I have already clocked up more miles on the GS than I did on the veefer - and I havent been out of the UK yet :(
Usual things, fitted spotlights, and in my case Givi luggage as the BMW stuff is not as good - in my opinion :D
Absolutely love it and no regrets at all.
VFR750 & 800

Good bikes, can't knock them but became very bored, to the point where I wouldn't buy another bike if it had to be a VFR.

Bought a new BMW1150RT in feb this year, never had a bike I felt so good about after a couple of months, the problem with the RT was that there are probably as many miles of dirt roads here as there are tarmac, so I've just changed it for a new R1150GS Adventure
... probably the best bike in the world today, if Carlsberg built a bike, it would be the GS

I had a VFR800 for 3 years before getting my 1100GS. The VFR's a better bike if you're into sport bikes (but want some comfort), hardcore sportriding and track days. I also found it better in city traffic. It shifts much easier, it's smaller and its more nimble. And you can't beat the V4 when it comes to character.

But the GS is the VFR's equal on backroads when ridden up to a 7/10s pace. It's also a much more comfortable long-distance tourer, especially two-up, and is capable of hauling much more stuff. And on top of that you have to add the offroad capability. It's a better allrounder if you put a heavy emphasis on touring.

I wish I could have kept both, because they are really apples and oranges in many respects, but in the end I thought I should limit myself to one bike. My bad knees and the fact that I wanted to do two-up camping trips convinced me to keep the GS and flog the VFR.

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