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How long should it take to swap beak, tank and seat under tray between two bikes.

What are the pitfalls if any?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Whatton & Riverking :)
i suspect most of the time will be taken up with swapping over the tank internals & associated gubbins unless you have 2 complete assembly's.
Re: excellent...

gavinbell said:
i see sunday morning entertainment coming on!! dismantle a gs a pigloft in derbyshire...with loads of tossers giving advice!!! not to mention the hangover!


We were thinking of Saturday afternoon outside the pigloft, while a pub sits open on the other side of the road.

Shouldn't take too long if I know Riverking and a pint. :D

P.S I heard Steptoe was coming so he may have a night of free food and beer. :)
I re-spreyed an old Tiger once (Orange :), what I didn't bank on was that when I notified the Insurance company as it was classed as a modification, i had to change the policy, luckily (bizzarly) it was put on a custom Insurance policy and actually cost less.
I guess swapping with another bike means the colour is a standard one, but might be worth thinking about.
I thought about this, as well as insurance the log book (V5c ?) will need to be sent back to the DVLA as well as that states the colour.

Plus my wifes helmet and leathers won't match. More grief :(


If you both do this:

Tank off - 5 mins.

4 torx screws off for beak- 10 / 15 minutes.

Reassemble - 20 minutes

Rear bolts / mec and catches - 20 minutes.

Reassemble - 20 minutes

Lock coding -WHATEVER!!!:D

Thats it!!
judge said:
4-5 hours with an assembled gathering supping and ripping the piss with cameras at the ready :D

I think you could be nearer the mark. Did we ought to warn the Environment Agency about the likelihood of a large petroleum spillage in a UK National Park?

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