Cheapo Carb Balancing

Rob Farmer

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Feb 25, 2002
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Vale of Belvoir
The quest for DIY kit continues!

I recently bought a set of vacuum gauges from Heine Gericke that turned out to be so inaccurate that they where effectively useless. I then made my own electronic gauges that worked brilliantly but was complete overkill. Yesterday I was scrolling through the American Airhead site and found this link . This morning I decided to build the gauges using scrap in the garage. I didn't bother with a yard stick but used a length of wood instead, I had a length of plastic pipe and the transmission fluid so it only took a few minutes to throw together. Once connected to the bike it performs brilliantly and is very sensitive. I'd say its the best balancing system I've used and cost nothing. The bike now runs smoothly with no surging at all.

Thats the Motronic codes and balancing sorted for nowt!


Rob Farmer

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