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Jun 24, 2003
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Has anyone fitting a "free flowing" pipe and/or performance chip, found it makes a difference to the low and midrange power.

Ive found my GS1100 has a distinct power step around 4500/5000rpm where it takes of like an ICBM but at lower revs lacks power.

Not having rode a standard GS I dont know if this is the norm but I would suspect not.

I had an 1100 which was std and a bit asthmatic.

Stuck a remus race can on, and low and mid-range improved and it revved to the red line in top.
Also, drilled more holes into the air inlet tube on the inside face.

Plan to do exactly the same with the 'new' one.
Might try the holes in the airbox, see what difference it makes.


My 1100 had a BBPower chip, Remus pipe with the collector box and a K&N filter and Carbon snorkel and it went like billyo. Fuel consumption went down to 160 per tankfull though. You will have to watch the head gaskets if you have an earlier model though.

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