Clicking front wheel - 1100GS ABS


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Oct 23, 2003
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Was playing around with my 1100 the other day and I noticed that if I spin the front wheel when stationary, there is a clicking/tapping sound a bit like someone running a metal pole along railings (although much quieter), at first I thought it might be a serious problem, then it occurred to me that it might just be the way the abs works normally.

Do 'they all do that sir?'

Any help appreciated

have you left that peg with the bit of card in that clicks in the spokes when you ride - makes it sound like a motorbike. ?

Just fit a remus like everyone else.

Phil :)
Not sure I know exactly what you mean by that Vern. I am thinking that it is the ABS sensor (presumably it is like a little caliper) getting knocked by the ABS disc (the one inside the brake disc on the LHS).

I guess what I really want to know is . . . . Does yours do it?
Thanks Barry, not sure that makes me feel any better though!! (hopefully not more problems!)

Vern, after looking at what you wrote for a second time, do you mean the brake discs moving on it's mounts? (can't remember is they are floating discs or not) but presumably if they are, the noise would be less when the brake discs are hot, right?

Just went to have another quick look at it outside (first time it was dark) and it seems not to be anything to do with the ABS disc as the sensor doesn't touch the innner disc. Can't decide if it's serious enough to worry about. I wondered if the discs were warped, but under braking I don't experience any of the characteristics associated with this, bit of a mystery really, I wonder the calipers are sticking slightly (I do ride it all year around).

very strange, presumably if it was the front wheel bearings I would know about it, right?

Check the drive for the speedo. On the wheel there are two prongs that engage with similar on the speedo drive. The noise sound suspiciusly similar to a (very soon) drive failure...

I should know. I replaced two already...
I'll go with Yosi's vote on this one.... sounds like a dry binding speedo cable/drive.
Not sure if this is what's causing the rattling, but I have found that there was quiite a bit of play in one of the front discs in the axis of rotation.

My immediate thoughts were then that either there was something wrong with the brakes or something had worn out.

Went up to the dealer first thing this morning to ask if the play was dangerous and their mechanic kindly inspected it for me. He took out one of the disc mounting bolts and I could see that the shim/spacer piece had flat spots (this was what was causing the play). He seemed to think that it wasn't dangerously so, and as the disc is pretty thin, the best solution seems to be to get a new disc, with shim/spacers when service time comes around (in about 5k (3000 miles)).

In my slight anxiety about the disc, I didn't ask about the noise, it seems likely that it could be caused by flatspots on the spacers.

If the noise is still there after the new front disc has been fitted, I'll take a look at the speedo idea.

Thanks for your help.


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